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Dimmer is a little free application created to help control the brightness of your computer screen, specially to reduce the brightness past what the hardware by itself has the ability to of. This becomes very beneficial when you are in total darkness and the minimum brightness from your display is still too much. It can gray all screens and displays; LCD, TFT and CONTRIBUTED backlit types. Dimmer will not damage your display or monitor in any way, if anything, it may actually save the backlight and consequently, energy, by rendering it emit less the radiation. To notice is the fact that most desktop screens are actually capable of minimizing the brightness levels very reasonable, the same is not the case on almost all laptop, notebook and netbook computer displays. Dimmer was developed to work with all editions of Microsoft Windows.


The advantages of this program came about because I actually do allot of work at night and with minimum ambient light in the room, or (more often than We would like) during sex and my laptop (all of them) output significant amounts of light even in the cheapest setting up, this was damaging to my eyes and We couldn't work efficiently. So one day I decided to build up Dimmer and solve the challenge. I can now gray the laptop display to suit me and can finally function with the nighttime without a problem with a dimmed screen. The monitor brightness can be easily adjusted and the program sits in the system tray for your convenience.

Another convenient feature is that Dimmer does indeed not require installation, their a lightweight application. Merely extract into a directory which you have chosen and run. The program stores its settings in an xml file in the program folder so the Windows Registry is not used. When not needed anymore, just erase the folder and you are done. Dimmer options can only be reached from the own icon located on the system tray (next to the clock). When it operates it is going to dim the settings to the level it was last used. The option to close/exit is in the context menu you get by right-clicking on Dimmer system dish icon.

Dimmer has recently been much acclaimed for it is simplicity as the best dimming software for lightweight displays, screens or displays and it will be better yet in the next version. Feel free to recommend it to your friends and family and you will probably link to this web page if you wish. Get pleasure from the software.
To download the software click the download button.
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