Movie Box Plus v7.9.0 - Watch Movies & Tv Shows (Android)

Movie Box is the most complete and beautiful app for anyone who’s looking for a quick movie or a TV show, celebrity content and its totally free.You can create your own personal lists of movies and TV shows.
Movie Box have 4 Millions of Movies,TV Shows and 6 Millions casts and crews. Movie Box is great app for Movies and TV Shows Lover because Movie Box provides so many amazing things in one place.It’s really Fast and your smartphone compatible. Its totally movie app for free.

  • Check in to movies you are watching
  • Trending Movies, Coming Soon ,Top rated
  • Search Movies
  • Movie and TV Details (synopsis, director, cast, critic consensus, etc.)
  • Make your lists: Rate movies, Watch list and Watched list
  • YouTube Trailers
  • Material design!
  • Adding Movies and TV Shows to your lists
  • Rate what you like
  • Save your favorite movie or TV Show
  • Create lists to share your Tv Shows , Movie etc
  • Read User & Critic Reviews
  • Check Movies and TV Shows Rating
  • Save the photos of movies and TV shows
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