Android Apps Pack 2019 By Titus Mukisa

The Android Apps Pack 2019 is a collection of paid full version Android apps compiled and tested by Titus Mukisa. The package includes all the 200 Android apps listed below.
  1. µTorrent Pro v3.8
  2. 1Tap Cleaner Pro v2.80
  3. 4shared Pro v.2.5.7
  4. AdAway Pro v4.0.10
  5. Adv Cleaner Pro v1.1
  6. Advanced Download Manager Pro v6.4.0
  7. Advanced Permission Manager Pro v3.4.2
  8. AIMP Music Player Pro v2.70
  9. All In One Calculator Pro v1.6.9
  10. Ampere Pro v2.01.1
  11. AndroVid Pro Video Editor Pro v2.7.0
  12. AntiVirus for Android Pro v2.6.4
  13. AnTuTu Battery Saver Pro v1.5.2
  14. APK Editor Pro v1.9.10
  15. APK Extractor Pro v9.3.5
  16. APKPure Mobile AppStore v3.0.2
  17. App Backup & Restore Pro v4.1.8
  18. App Cloner Premium v1.5.9
  19. App Hider Pro v2.1.0
  20. App Protector Pro v1.9
  21. AppBlock Pro v.1.2
  22. AppFreezer Pro v1.7
  23. AppLock Pro v2.16.2
  24. AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.59
  25. Aqua Mail Pro v1.18.0
  26. aTorrent Pro v3.0.2.0
  27. Auto Memory Cleaner Premium v1.9.0
  28. Auto SMS Pro v3.1.6
  29. Auto SMS Sender Pro v1.0
  30. Auto Tethering and WIFI v1.0
  31. AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Pro v8.6.202
  32. Automatic Call Recorder Pro v30
  33. AZ Screen Recorder Premium v5.1.1
  34. Battery Defender v1.1.2
  35. Blacklist Pro v4.7
  36. Blackmart (Download Paid Apps for Free) v2018.4.1
  37. Call Assitant (Fake Call & SMS) v2.35B
  38. Call Recorder Pro v5.4
  39. Call Recorder Total Recall v2.0.22.apk
  40. Call Timer Pro v2.0.206
  41. Calls Blacklist Pro v3.2.30
  42. Cameringo + Effects Camera v2.8.29
  43. CCleaner Pro v1.15.56
  44. Color Splash Effect Pro v1.5.1
  45. Compass Pro v1.24
  46. Computer Launcher Pro v11.9
  47. Concise Oxford English v4.3.063
  48. Contacts+ Pro v5.226.0
  49. Couple Tracker Pro v1.38
  50. Currency Converter Pro v1.3
  51. Dashdow for WhatApp+ v2.54\
  52. Data Usage Defender v2.0.1
  53. Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro v3.11
  54. Dictionary Premium v5.2.1
  55. DiskDigger File Recovery Pro v1.0
  56. DNS Changer Pro v1022
  57. Dr.Fone Data Recovery Premium v3.0.1.14
  58. DropSync (DropBox AutoSync) Ultimate v2.7.6
  59. DU Battery Saver Pro v4.1.1.3
  60. DU Speed Booster (Cleaner) v1.7.0
  61. Dual SIM Selector Pro v2.3.1
  62. Dumpster Recycle Bin Pro v2.0.224.2060
  63. Easy Blocker Pro v6.0
  64. Easy Unrar Premium v1.2
  65. Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro v1.3.3
  66. Equalizer+ Music Player Pro v2.11.0
  67. ES File Explorer Pro v4.1.3.1 B534
  68. ExDialer Pro v195
  69. Facebook Video  Downloader Pro v3.3.0
  70. Fast File Transfer Pro v2.0.7
  71. Fast Reboot Pro v4.1
  72. Faster Charger Pro v2.0
  73. File Manager Premium v1.8.4
  74. Flashlight Plus v1.87.2
  75. FolderMount Premium v2.9.11
  76. Font Installer Pro v2.1.0
  77. Freedom v1.0.8d
  78. Gallery Plus v3.4.7
  79. Gallery Vault Pro v2.8.3
  80. Gesture Lock Screen Pro v1.2.2
  81. GET Auto Responder Pro v3.3.5
  82. Good News Bible Pro v15
  83. GrooVe IP Pro v3.3.4
  84. Hackers University Pro v2.2
  85. HD Camera Pro v1.9.2
  86. HDR Camera+ v2.32
  87. Hex Editor Pro v3.1.23
  88. Hibernation Manager Premium v2.1.3
  89. Hibernator Pro v2.7.0
  90. Hide My IP Premium v0.1.27
  91. Hide Video Premium v1.2.8
  92. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder Pro v2.4.1
  93. Home WiFi Alert Pro v11.2
  94. iFont Donate Pro v5.7.5
  95. IMEI Changer Pro v1.2
  96. Impulse Music Player Pro v2.0.7
  97. InstaSave Pro v2.6.4
  98. Internet Download Manager v6.18.6
  99. IP Tools Pro v6.27
  100. iSyncr Pro v5.8.0.78
  101. jetAudio Music Player Plus v9.0.1
  102. Kaspersky Mobile Security v9.1.10.139
  103. Kickass Torrents Pro v2.2.1
  104. KillApps Pro v1.9.1
  105. Link2SD Plus v4.3.4
  106. Lockdown Pro v2.5.0
  107. Lucky Patcher v7.5.5
  108. Market Unlocker Pro v3.5.1
  109. Media Converter Pro v0.9.3
  110. Message Scheduler Pro v1.0
  111. Microsoft Office Mobile v15.0.4522.2000
  112. Minimalistic Text Pro v4.8
  113. Mobile Data Scheduler v2.2
  114. Mobile ODIN Pro v4.20
  115. Moon+ Reader Pro v4.5.3
  116. MP3 InCall Recorder & Voice v1.2
  117. Music Folder Player Full v2.1.9
  118. My Data Manager v4.0.1
  119. MyBackup Pro v4.4.9
  120. Network Analyzer Pro v3.4.3
  121. News Google Reader Pro v2.3
  122. Norton Mobile Security v3.3.0.892
  123. Notification Toggle Premium v3.4.7
  124. Office Documents Viewer Pro v1.26.9
  125. Parallel Space - Multi Accounts v4.0.8665
  126. PDF Converter Ultimate Pro v1.0.13
  127. PDF Tools Pro v3.2
  128. Perfect AppLock Pro v7.3.3
  129. Photo & Picture Resizer Premium v1.0.169
  130. Photo Editor Pro v4.6.8
  131. Photo Recovery Pro v1.4
  132. PowerAudio Music Player Pro v5.8.2
  133. Pulsar Music Player Pro v1.7.5
  134. QuickEdit Editor Pro v1.1.5
  135. RAM Expander Pro v3.66
  136. RAM Manager Pro v8.3.0
  137. RAR Premium v5.30
  138. Reading Trainer Pro v1.2.6
  139. Reminder Pro v1.7.4
  140. Repair Battery Life Pro v3.81
  141. Reverse Tether v2012.09.08
  142. Ringtone Maker Pro v1.5
  143. ROM Installer Gold v1.2.5.5
  144. ROM Toolbox Pro v6.0.6.5
  145. Root Call Blocker Pro v2.5.3.11.B67
  146. Root Checker Pro v2.9
  147. Root Essentials Premium v2.2.16
  148. Root Firewall Pro v2.1
  149. Root Uninstaller Pro v7.3.251
  150. Scanner Pro v3.2.1
  151. Screen Recorder Pro v9.5
  152. Screenshot Easy Pro v1.5.12
  153. SD Maid Pro – System Cleaning Tool v4.12.2
  154. Secret Media Recorder Pro v1.8
  155. Secret Video Recorder Pro v1.2.9.2
  156. Send Anywhere Pro v4.3.6
  157. ShowCaller Pro v1.5.6
  158. Shuttle+ Music Player Pro v2.0.7
  159. Signal Guard Pro v4.3.0
  160. Signal Strength Premium 21.1.7
  161. Sketch Camera Pro v1.12
  162. Sketch Me! Pro v1.62
  163. Slide to Unlock Pro v3.07.1
  164. Sliding Messaging Pro v8.60
  165. Smart App Protector v6.0.0
  166. Smart Calculator Pro v2.0.0
  167. Smart Keyboard Pro 4.15.2
  168. Smart Launcher Pro v3.08.09
  169. Smart WiFi Toggler v2.5.4
  170. SMS Diversion Pro v3.0
  171. StopAd Pro v1.0.534
  172. Super Backup & Restore Premium v2.2.02
  173. SuperBeam Pro v4.1.3
  174. SuperSU Pro v2.76
  175. Swapper Premium v1.96 (RAM Expander)
  176. System App Remover Pro v3.6.2019
  177. System Tuner Pro v3.10.2
  178. System Updater Pro v0.3.2.6
  179. Task Manager Pro v2.2.3
  180. Text On Screen Pro v2.1.5
  181. Text Scanner Pro v1.5.5
  182. Textra SMS Pro v4.0
  183. Titanium Backup Pro v7.3.0
  184. Total Backup Premium v6.0.9
  185. tTorrent Pro v1.5.10.2
  186. Turbo Download Manager Pro v5.26
  187. Vault Premium v6.8.02.22
  188. Video MP3 Converter Pro v2.4.1
  189. Video Player Pro v5.2.2.1
  190. Voice Changer Premium v3.4.10
  191. Weather Premium v4.1
  192. Wheres My Droid Pro v6.3.2
  193. Who's On My Wifi
  194. Wifi File Transfer Pro v1.3.0
  195. Wifi Password Router Pro v3.6.0
  196. WiFi PC File Explorer Pro v1.5.21
  197. Wifi WPS Unlocker v2.2.5
  198. WinZip Premium v3.6
  199. XPrivacy Pro v3.6.9Zedge Ringtones Pro v4.4.3
      NOTE: This package will be updated frequently so please keep checking this page for the latest updates. Please let us know if any problem arises by dropping your comments at Softek IT Consult. Any questions or suggestions are always welcome.
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