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It's no secret that WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used by the world community.
However, the features of the original WhatsApp are only that and there are no additional features that make users not feel bored, this is what makes many application developers make WhatsApp Mod APK.
The many interesting features offered by WhatsApp Mod make many people interested in using it.
However, to get this application you have to do it manually.
For users of the WhatsApp application modifications certainly are familiar with this one, GBWhatsApp is one of the modification applications developed by SAM. And has managed to become the most popular WA Mod application.
This application has a size that is quite small, which is only about 47MB. But of course it's rich in features.
Of course the feature that is pinned to the Whatsapp GB aims to make it easier for us to use. And maybe for those of you who wish for a new feature but not found in the original whatsapp.
For example the feature can use 2 numbers at once in one GB WhatsApp. And suppose you are often hampered when you have to send a file with a size large enough, then using this gbwhatsapp it can be done.
The above features are superior features, and the following are additional features that might be more considerations for you to choose gbwhatsapp.
Change the appearance of gwhwhapp to your taste.
Can use more than one number.
You can send files that exceed the original whatsapp limit.
Can turn off online status so it is not visible to others.
You can also turn off "typing" notifications for your chat opponents.
Lock your gbwhatsapp application to be more secure.
And a variety of interesting features that are worth trying.
This WhatsApp mod application is the work of a developer from Indonesia, in accordance with the initial modder, Ridwan Arifin.
Including one that was just released some time ago, has interesting features such as an interface that is very similar to WhatsApp on iOS devices.
This version of WA Mod is suitable for those of you who like the default iOS wa but still want to use Android. You only need to download the RA Whatsapp apk and install it on your Android gadget.
Plus RA Whatsapp brings some cool features that are worthy of your consideration why you should try it. For example:
Anti Banned Temporary Feature.
Additional Privacy Features.
Plated Security.
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Adjust the appearance as you wish.
Send Messages in Bulk (BroadCast).
Able to Send Large Video Files Up to 30MB.
Being able to send dozens of images at once.
There are no restrictions on the type of file format to be sent.
This application was once developed by Yousef Albasha , but now it has stopped, however you don't need to worry because YOWhatsApp comes with the SAM version.

One of its advantages is the Anti-Banned system and key features using fingerprint biometrics.

Admin, Yowhatsapp is a pioneer of whatsapp appearance modification similar to the iOS version. Then the next version appeared. Because it looks fresh and unique.

For those of you who feel unsafe using the security features of your Android default. Then try using this yowhastapp which has a build in application key. So in addition to having to unlock the screen, you or someone else must open yowhatsapp with a password again.
Suitable for you who have friends often borrow cellphones. So your privacy is still safe.
Not only that yowhatsapp it has other features like
Look back at a friend's status even though it's been deleted.
File send limit increased to 30MB.
The group member limit increases to more than 256 people.
You can send 10 large pictures at a time.
You can send video messages that are up to five minutes long.
Use application keys with PIN, Pattern, or fingerprint biometrics.
Set yowhatsapp theme with many choices in the theme gallery.
Have you read the message from your friend but it has been deleted / pulled? Quiet yowhatsapp can handle it.
And features that you didn't expect before.
The next recommended WhatsApp Mod APK application is WhatsApp Plus, this application is also made by SAM.
Has an anti-banned feature that is very useful, besides that this application also supports sticker to cleaner features.
You could say whatsapp plus is the initial pioneer of the initial modified version of whatsapp. If the admin is not mistaken, I remember the appearance of GB Whatsapp together.
Evidenced by the data that shows that whatsapp plus has been delayed more than millions of times. And now it should be your turn to try it, or for those of you who once installed it and now want to try again.
This type of WhatsApp Mod should not be underestimated, because in addition to having cool features, you also make the application look more attractive by using themes provided by the application.
You can choose hundreds of themes provided for free, the number of themes will increase if there is a system update from the developer.
One of the advantages of fmwhatsapp is that you can set the buble chat theme (message display).
In the theme gallery you are free to choose what you like. And the following are the mainstay features of fmwhatsapp:
You can still see messages that they have already sent even though they have already pulled them.
You can also see other people's statuses even though they have been deleted.
Disturbed by people who like voice calls? Relax, you can block that person on whatsapp fm.
You can also hidden chat from that person as well. Secure.
Change the appearance of your chat conversation.
Send video now can be more than five minutes.
You can even send files up to more than 1GB.
The next WhatsApp Mod APK application is OGWhatsApp with features that resemble the official application.
You can use this application if you feel bored with the original WhatsApp, usually users use OGWhatsApp as a dual application, in the sense that there are two WhatsApp on one phone.
On OG Whatsapp you can adjust your privacy as you like. For example, control about who can see your status and other types of information you can set.
Besides this OGWhatsapp is always actively doing updates as with its official whatsapp which also does so.
So most liely this OGWhatsapp can be compatible installed on various other devices. That way the risk of being banned while lately experienced by many WhatsApp users can be anticipated by ogwhatsapp.
More complete features ogwhatsapp
Temporary nti-Banned.
You can send scheduled messages.
Set voice and video call privacy.
Lock your application.
Use more than one number.
You can send photos with true resolution so that it remains HD and does not break.
Able to send photos up to dozens at once.
Able to send long videos.
Hide your history and privacy status to certain people.
The message cannot be deleted.
If you get bored, you can change the appearance of me.
The Fouad WhatsApp application was developed by Fouad Mokdad, when viewed in terms of features very similar to the YoWhatsApp application which was also created by Fouad Mokdad.
The latest verion of this application can accommodate messages with a maximum of 266 characters with 20 additional MOD features.
One of the highlights of the WhatsApp Indigo app is the chat bubble modification feature.
This application has a lot of colors that can be applied to the gelembun, ranging from Cyan, Gray, Crayon, 3D, Pink to smoke. Also equipped with colorful icons, so users will not be bored.
The most famous feature of WhatsApp Mod APK on this one is greater control over your privacy.
It has an optimization speed even though the smartphone device you are using is of lower class specifications. There are also small details that benefit from improving application functionality.

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